Christmas this year will be a chance to catch up to friends and family, some of whom we have not seen for such a long time due to Covid restrictions 

Although this is an exciting time of year, it can often be a difficult time if you are dealing with a hearing loss.  Noisy environment, crowded rooms or lots of people chatting and laughing, can create challenges.  So here are a few handy hints to reduce the frustration and have a merry Christmas.

  1. Choose seating carefully- determine which seat is best suited to your hearing loss and sit facing people that you want to communicate with 
  2. Turn down the background noise ie music, TV
  3. Hold a conversation with just one person at a time, find a quite corner or room away from the noise
  4. Use your remote control to adjust your volume on your aids
  5. Enjoy some alone time throughout the day 
  6. Ask people for their patience when you are having difficulty understanding 


And most importantly enjoy this time with your loved ones !