Why you will save with us

We are completely independent and answerable only to our clients

At Total Hearing and Health we are completely independent, we are not governed by aggressive manufacturing sales targets, and provide our clients a range of brands and technology options to suit their needs and budget.

When dealing with Total Hearing and Health you can expect…

Someone who understands and cares

Mike Carter principal and owner of Total Hearing and Health is 2nd generation clinician and has built his reputation and practice on excellent service and clients referrals.

Excellent Choice…

Total Hearing and Health have access to the largest range of hearing aids available on the Australian market. Seeing the Total Hearing and Health clinicians is like visiting multiple hearing providers on a single appointment.

Flexibility with hearing appointments…

 Our clinics can be found at Morningside, Cleveland & Windsor and satellite clinics at Victoria Point, Capalaba, Shailer Park & Benowa

Ongoing support…

We offer more than just hearing aids, our clients enjoy rehabilitation, training and support services? For the life of their hearing aids. Our clients are encouraged to drop in when they have concerns or to clean their hearing devices (complimentary) as part of their five year fitting cycle.

The time to get it just right…

Fitting a hearing aid is not just about sticking a hearing aid in and pressing a button and everything works. For some patients it’s easy, and for other patients there is a lot of work involved in getting it right, the clinicians at Total Hearing and Health spend that time with you to get it right.

We are committed to the best interest of our clients, we have a holistic approach and are open, transparent and always take the time to ensure our clients understand their options.

When deciding, don’t take our word for it, ask around, find out from people who have been to the providers themselves who they recommend or drop for a no-obligation chat with our audiology team and you will quickly see why our clients recommend us.

What our clients have to say