The Total Hearing & Health Process

We are completely independent and answerable only to our clients

At Total Hearing and Health we are completely independent, we are not governed by aggressive manufacturing sales targets, and provide our clients a range of brands and technology options to suit their needs and budget.

The journey toward better hearing requires patience, support, and experience. At Total Hearing and Health we provide the professional support help you transition from hearing difficulties to the treatment and/or supported device.

We will generally see you for three appointments…

First Appointment Assessment

At your initial appointment our clinicians will conduct a hearing test. You will be asked to wear a set of headphones and respond to the sounds you can hear. The test is quick & comfortable. There is nothing to worry about. The clinicians will ask some questions to better establish your ‘hearing’ history where you will also be asked in what situations you have trouble hearing. It is important to find out how you hear sounds.

The whole process will give us a better understanding of how your hearing should be treated and if hearing aids would be of benefit.

Your clinician will then discuss with you your results and taking into account your lifestyle and budget, will then prescribe a hearing device best suited to you.

If hearing aids are prescribed, sometimes an impression of your ear may be taken depending on the style of hearing aid to be fitted. This appointment normally takes 45 -60 mins.

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We stock all the big brands and deliver real choice to our clients

Second Appointment Fitting

The hearing aids are then set at your individual levels and you are shown the features of the aids and how to use them.
The sound can be different than what you have heard before and it will take a while for your brain to “retrain” Don’t worry, we are here to help you throughout your journey every step of the way.

Once you have been fitted with your new hearing aids, we will ask you to trial them for a week or two and then come back to see us.

Third Appointment Follow up

By this time you will be more comfortable with your hearing aids and any accessories that link to your devices. There may be some minor adjustments to be made. This is a great time to discuss any concerns or difficulties you may be experiencing.

You will be asked to finalise any financial obligations at this appointment.

Ongoing Support for the life of your hearing aids

Following the above appointments, we will ask you to come in and see us in a month (or sooner if you need to) and every 6 months their onward, we will call you and check to make sure everything is going OK.

There is no charge for any of these appointments.

In fact there is no charge for any of your appointments.

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