Hearing Aids have come a long way

Invisible and discreet, no noise making and clearer audio is just some of the advancements that hearing aids has gone through.

Please come in and check out what we can offer you – if you have not thought about updating your hearing aid, here are some of the features you can look forward to:

  • Custom-made for you
  • Completely invisible in most ears
  • Advanced noise reduction and speech recognition systems amplify meaningful sounds – such as speech – while reducing unwanted background noise
  • Sound compression technology differentiates soft speech from loud for a more enhanced and natural sound quality
  • Industry-leading feedback elimination technology makes buzzing and whistling hearing aids a thing of the past

At Total Hearing and Health, we will help find the correct hearing aid for you.

Hearing aids are the most important piece of equipment you will invest in if you need this valuable assistance to hear more clearly. There are many styles of hearing aids available, and to find the right one for you – you need a professional to assist you.


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