Adult Hearing Assessments

Adult Diagnostic Testing

Adult Diagnostic Testing is available for $130 and consists of a variety of hearing tests that are used to determine the degree, type, and configuration of individual hearing difficulties. This includes a client history, otoscopy, and any referral or specialist reports that are necessary.

Pure Tone Audiometry

The main hearing test that is used to identify hearing thresholds is called Pure Tone Audiometry. This test is marked on an audiogram and consists of listening to frequency-specific beeps and whistles (also known as pure tones) and signalling when the individual can hear them. Two forms of audiometry can be performed to assess the individual’s hearing; Air Conduction and Bone Conduction.

Air Conduction

Air Conduction tests are performed by playing the tones through headphones and seeing how the sounds travel through the ear canal, through the middle ear, and to the cochlea in the inner ear.

Bone Conduction

Bone Conduction tests involve placing a small vibrator on the mastoid bone behind the ear and bypassing the middle ear by having the sound travel through the bones of the skull to the cochlea and hearing nerves. By conducting both of these tests, the hearing loss can be classified as sensorineural or conductive, based on where it is stemming from.


An additional test, known as Tympanometry, can be used to test the condition of the middle ear, eardrum mobility, and conduction bones by creating air pressure variation in the ear canal. This test can also indicate if there is a blockage causing the hearing loss and if medical treatment is necessary.


Speech Discrimination Tests

The last test, a Speech Discrimination Test, assesses how well the individual can understand words and measures the level of distortion in the sound. Poor speech distortion results in voices being distorted and not loud enough.

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