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About Hearing Aids

Total Hearing is an independent hearing aid provider that operates outside the influence of aggressive manufacturing sales targets. We pride ourselves on offering our clients a wide range of brands and technology options that cater to their specific needs and budget. If you’re unsure which hearing aid to choose, don’t worry, you’re not alone. This is a common concern, but there are a few things to consider before making a decision.

Which hearing aid should I choose?

The Australian market features major brands such as GN Resound, Beltone, Sonova (Unitron & Phonak) Bernafon, Oticon, Signia, Starkey, and Widex, all of which offer 5-6 levels of products. Choosing a hearing aid without professional assistance can be challenging, but our clinicians each possess a minimum of 20 years’ experience in the audiology industry and undergo regular training on the latest technology and industry changes.

Things to consider?

To determine the best hearing aid for your individual needs, consider what you want from the device, where you experience hearing trouble, the type of device you prefer, the mobile phone you use, your budget, and whether you want rechargeable or battery-operated options. Our clinicians will ask these and many other questions to help you choose the right hearing aid for your lifestyle.

Fortunately, advances in hearing aid technology have given users more choices and features than ever before. You can now choose from various hearing aid styles, depending on your hearing loss and requirements. Total Hearing offers a wide range of options, ensuring you’ll find a style that suits your unique needs. 


Styles Of Hearing Aids

Advances in hearing aid technology means you now have more choice and features than ever before

You may have a choice between a number of different styles of hearing aids. This depends on your hearing loss and requirements.

Managing and Maintaining

Ensuring your hearing aids are well maintained minimises the need for repairs and prolongs their performance and life

Hearing aids can represent a significant investment. They can provide a vital connection to friends and loved ones. Make sure you are getting the most from your hearing aids, for as long as possible.

What Do Hearing Aids Cost?

Hearing aids range in price depending on application and technology requirements…

We know the role hearing aids play in transforming people’s lives. We believe that everyone should be able to access affordable hearing devices. That is why our hearing aid prices are among the best in Australia.

At Total Hearing we are committed to the best interest of our clients. We can help with hearing aid brands and hearing aid styles at Total Hearing and Health.

Hearing loss, unless caused by a health condition or accident, deteriorates gradually and can be difficult for an individual to realize at first, often the symptoms of hearing loss are noticed by surrounding friends and family first.

You could be  eligible for the voucher component of the Hearing Services Program if you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident 21 years or older and you meet certain eligibility requirements.  This would enable you to free hearing aids and services.

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