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Mobile Home Service


It might not be always possible to visit our clinics and so can provide a home visit service to your door.

Our home visit appointments will be conducted by a qualified and experienced team. 

We can provide hearing tests, hearing aid fittings, hearing aid adjustments & problem solving as we do in the clinic.

Our equipment is portable and calibrated to Australian standards 

Home Visit Costs:

$60 -$100 (Dependant on area) + any clinical costs & consumables

$ 25  (Hearing Service Program or DVA ) – eligible  clients will have no extra charges 

HSP or DVA clients who have a letter from their doctor and are within a 20kms of our clinics the appointment is free.

WorkCover clients will also receive this appointment at no cost* ( with approval from Work Cover ) 

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You could be  eligible for the voucher component of the Hearing Services Program if you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident 21 years or older and you meet certain eligibility requirements.  This would enable you to free hearing aids and services.

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