Children’s Hearing

Children’s Hearing

The price for this exam is $130.

A variety of hearing tests are available to detect the severity, kind, and composition of a child’s hearing deficiencies. It is suggested to create a baseline for a child’s hearing and to reevaluate their hearing at least once every twelve months or if any worries arise. Our Children’s Hearing Tests can be accessed for children starting in Prep.

The comprehensive  hearing test to determine hearing thresholds requires listening to tones that are specific in frequency, known as pure tones, and signalling when they can be heard. Pure tone audiometry incorporates air and bone conduction audiometry.

The hearing check is documented on an audiogram, with pure tone audiometry, which entails hearing a selection of tones and beeps, identified as pure tones, and signifying when they can be heard.

For children aged 7 and above who may be encountering difficulties in the classroom, it is often suggested to undergo testing for (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder (C)APD. Those with this disorder may have trouble comprehending and interpreting auditory information, despite the absence of any actual hearing impairment.

Air Conduction – is assessed with pure tones that are heard through headphones. The sounds traverse through the air, down the ear canal, to the middle ear and to the delicate cochlea in the internal ear.

Bone Conduction – tests the susceptibility of the cochlea by putting a minor vibrator on the mastoid bone behind the ear. This bypasses the middle ear and the sounds traverse through the bones of the skull to the cochlea and hearing nerves.

By using air and bone conduction tests, it is possible to discern if hearing loss stems from inner, middle, or outer ear, in technical terms sensorineural or conductive hearing loss.

Tympanometry is an examination that is utilised to test the middle ear pressure. It assesses how the middle ear system responds to sound, ear drum flexibility, and conduction bones through creating a difference in air pressure in the ear canal. Tympanometry can display the origin of the hearing loss blockage, which includes middle ear infections and if medical care is required. The price for this exam is $130.

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You could be  eligible for the voucher component of the Hearing Services Program if you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident 21 years or older and you meet certain eligibility requirements.  This would enable you to free hearing aids and services.

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