There are a lot of actors and musicians with conditions that affect their hearing. Just like you, they have had to overcome difficult struggles ranging from tinnitus to being completely deaf. Some have had problems since birth, and others have found loud noise exposure throughout careers to be the cause of their issues. Either way, despite suffering from a range of hearing loss issues, these celebrities have not let their ears get in the way of success. 

Here are a few of these successful people

Whoopie Goldberg  One of the few actresses to win an Oscar, Emmy, Tony and a Grammy, Whoopi Goldberg has been in over 150 films. She is best known for her roles in Sister Act, The Color Purple and more recently as a talk show host on The View. Whoopi wears hearing aids on both sides which are covered by her trademark dreadlocks.

Phil Collins    Years of being a musician touring and recording have taken their toll on Phil Collins’ hearing. He was diagnosed with sudden deafness in his left ear, after noticing a strange feeling in his ear, which he initially put down to water being in the ear. Eventually, much of the hearing of his left ear returned (doctors later connected his condition with stress). However, Phil aired on the side of caution and ceased touring after his diagnosis for many years, until recently touring.

Bill Clinton Bill Clinton has noise-induced hearing loss, which stems from years of loud political rallies, the use of rifles as well as listening to loud music growing up. Bill now wears hearing aids, as he has trouble following conversation in a crowded room.