Hearing Aids are ever developing and now present some amazing technology. The latest models offer styles and features that are tailored for this time.

Versatile hearing aids deliver sound quality that can make it easier to hear people who are wearing face masks or social distancing.

And now with the popularity of rechargeable hearing aids, no longer having to deal with disposal of batteries or the challenges the changing of batteries can create for people with dexterity issues.  

No matter how well a hearing aid is programmed, at some point we will all encounter situations where the acoustic environment is unpredictable or challenging. Latest hearing aids have the ability to make instant acoustic changes when you need it.

One of the popular features is the connectivity to smart phones. There are models of hearing aids now that connect to both Android and iPhone. With phone apps to give the wearer full control over volume, memory switching even a GPS or “find my phone” feature.

Other features in hearing aids can include fall detection and alerts, real time language translators, voice commands and fitness trackers. 

Due to all the features and reliability, hearing aids are more likely to be worn longer due to their multifunctional nature, and people are less likely to leave them behind during daily activities.

Never before in the industry have, we seen such technological advances. 

At Total Hearing & Health  we are only too happy to have client’s trial any of these hearing aids to experience the features appropriate to their lifestyle. At the same time, it gives us a chance to learn from the person’s personal feedback.