At this time of the year, we look at our children’s needs for return to school.

Checking new shoes, new uniforms, all the books and new bags, lunch boxes etc.

Have you thought of having a quick check of your child’s hearing?

  • Do they have difficulty understanding what people are saying.
  • Do they speak differently than other children her or his age
  • Doesn’t reply when you call his or her name.
  • Responds inappropriately to questions (misunderstands).
  • Turns up the TV volume incredibly high or sits very close to the TV to hear.
  • Has problems academically, especially if they weren’t present before.
  • Has speech or language delays or problems articulating things.
  • Watches others in order to imitate their actions, at home or in school.
  • Complains of ear pain, earaches or noises.
  • Cannot understand over the phone or switches ears frequently while talking on the phone.
  • Says “what?” or “huh?” several times a day.

During an assessment our fully trained and professional clinicians conduct the following tests. – Otoscopy- to check inside your child’s ears for any visual signs of wax, abnormalities, or diseases -Pure tone Audiometry – checking hearing levels by simple tones played through a headset -Tympanometry – measuring the health of the eardrum and middle ear A report can be made to your GP or ENT. With every test you receive an audiogram for your records Contact any of our Total Hearing Clinics on

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