If you are having problems with your hearing aids, it is important to get them working again as soon as you can. They might sound too quiet or not making any noise at all. Intermittent, distorted or poor quality sound are also indicators something is not right. However repairing your own hearing aid isn’t a good idea as you could run into all sorts of problems and ultimately end up making things worse. 

There are several big reasons not to repair your hearing aids yourself.

You might have missed an easy fix– One reason not to open up your hearing aid and start poking around is that the answer to your problem might be easier than you think. For example, maybe you have forgotten to check if your hearing aid needs a new battery? Is the wax filter blocked? 

You could cause more damage– If you open your hearing aid and start trying to fix it, you could end up causing more damage. Unless you have a wealth of knowledge about repairing hearing aids, you could easily make a mistake. Even if you ‘google’ instructions, you could slip up and damage it more. This could end up quite costly for you in the long run. 

It may not be your hearing aids– If there is an issue with your hearing aid not working, remember it may not be the aid itself at all. The issue could be with your hearing, meaning you need a hearing test and not repairs to your hearing aid. Seeing your friendly hearing health care professional is always the best solution! 

Coping with hearing loss isn’t for the faint of heart