There are many facts, myths and theories on hearing aids and hearing loss. Let’s bust some!

Myth: Hearing aids will restore my hearing to normal
Fact: Well fitted hearing aids will improve your hearing and communication needs but they DO NOT
restore your hearing to normal. Majority of the time, once your hearing has been damaged, there is
no repairing it. Hearing aids are a part of a rehabilitation process that your family, friends and your
hearing care professional will help you through.

Myth: Hearing aids will damage my hearing
Fact: As long as you have been fitted with a suitable hearing aid by a hearing care professional and
aren’t constantly increasing the volume on your hearing aids they will not damage your hearing.

Myth: My hearing loss isn’t bad enough for a hearing aid
Fact: Usually a hearing loss develops slowly, and you might learn techniques to get by. Unfortunately
this can be exhausting for both you and the person you are talking to. Some key indicators are
friends and family complaining about your hearing, people having to repeat themselves, avoiding
social situations because you cant follow conversation or not hearing the TV clearly and at a good
level for others. Your hearing care professional can advise if a hearing aid will be of benefit to you.

Myth: Wearing hearing aids is a sign of weakness or getting old
Fact: With the features and functions of hearing aids today, they deliver excellent sound quality and
most people have the option of a very discreet hearing device. They also have great features like
Bluetooth connectivity for mobile phone compatibility that makes like easy.

Myth: Hearing aids are too expensive
Fact: There are hundreds of hearing aid types on the market that include different styles,
technologies, sizes, colours and prices. The best option is not necessarily the most expensive. Your
hearing care professional will help chose the best hearing aid for your lifestyle, needs and budget.