Ear wax, scientifically known as cerumen, is not just a pesky substance that needs to be removed. It is a natural and necessary component of ear health. While it may be a source of frustration or discomfort for some, it is crucial to understand its functions and appropriate ways to manage it.

It holds three main responsibilities in maintaining the health of our ears:

  1. Its primary purpose is to protect the ear canal by acting as a natural barrier against dust, dirt and foreign objects, preventing them from entering the sensitive parts of the ear.

  2. Ear wax also lubricates the ear canal by keeping it moist, preventing dryness, itchiness and discomfort.

  3. Our ears are self-cleaning. As the earwax is produced it gradually migrates from the ear canal towards the ear’s opening, carrying with it any trapped debris or particles. This process helps maintain a clean and healthy ear.

Common misconceptions include:

  • More is not better: Many people believe that more ear wax means better protection, but an excessive buildup can actually lead to issues like hearing loss, tinnitus, and earaches. It’s essential to strike a balance.

  • Cotton swabs are not your friends: People think that using cotton swabs or other objects to clean your ears is a safe and effective practice. In reality, these methods can push ear wax deeper into the ear canal, potentially causing blockages, injury, or infection.

So how do I manage Ear Wax?

  • Leave it alone: In most cases, ear wax will naturally migrate out of the ear canal. Resist the temptation to insert objects into your ears to remove it.

  • Softening wax drops/sprays: If you experience a wax blockage or discomfort due to hardened ear wax, over-the-counter ear drops can help soften the wax and facilitate its removal.

  • Seek professional help!

Our trained and qualified clinicians at Total Hearing use a gentle Micro Suction method to remove ear wax.

How does this process work?

Using an otoscope, our clinician begins by examining your ear to determine the condition and location of the ear wax. Once determined, the clinician uses head-worn loupes to provide a clear view of the ear canal. Using a thin, sterile, and low-pressure suction device the clinician will then safely and effectively remove the ear wax.

If you suffer from blocked ears, call us on 1300 415 718 or visit totalhearingandhealth.com.au to book in for your ear wax removal appointment today!!